Tek-Mor Incorporated

Over the years, automotive manufacturers have come to rely on Tek-Mor Incorporated to provide integral solutions to help in their own manufacturing facilities. With leading edge technology, Tek-Mor is dedicated to answering their customer's needs with unsurpassed quality, a commitment to meeting deadlines and cost effectiveness.

Tek-Mor designs complete process equipment such as Body Shop Grind and Weld Booths, Parts Washers, Sound Attenuation Enclosures.
Small process booths such as Tack-off, Skuff Booths, Black Out Booths, Sealer Deck/Booths, PVC Booth, Turret-CNC (Finn Power) Punch Press, Clean Rooms, High Performance Industrial Access Doors, Paint (cure/dry-off) Ovens, Welded Exhaust Ductwork/Breechings/Stacks.

  • Paint Finishing Systems
  • Air Handling Systems
  • Spray Booths
  • Ovens
  • Fume Exhaust Systems
  • Air Supply Houses
  • Distribution Duct Systems
  • Fume Incinerators
  • Waste Treatment Systems
  • Complete Turnkey Systems
  • Stacks & Breeching Fabrication
  • Clean Flash Tunnels
  • Air Make Up Systems
  • Clean Room Ceiling & Wall Panels
  • Acoustic Panels
  • Pre-Treatment Plants
Tek-Mor Cami Booth
Tek-Mor Duct Inside
Tek-Mor Downdraft Repair Booth
Tek-Mor Helicopter

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