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Tek-Mor is a North American leader in industrial metal manufacturing and sheet metal contracting, providing customized solutions for a variety of industries.

The key to Tek-Mor's success has been its people. The Tek-Mor team works together to achieve excellence and total customer satisfaction on every project ensuring that the customers needs are always met.

From the beginning in 1986, Tek-Mor has been getting the job done. In the year 2000 Tek-Mor moved to a new facility, and in 2003 we expanded and began providing services to the food and pharmaceutical industry. From the start of a project to its delivery and installation, Tek-Mor's dedication and performance are unsurpassed.

Tek-Mor has ventured into various areas of the sheet metal industry. With both HVAC and Automotive experience, Tek-Mor has grown from a one man operation to a reputable contractor/manufacturer in the industry. Based on past experience and proven track record, Tek-Mor is committed to developing new applications in a variety of industries and excels in bringing innovative, efficient solutions, with cost effective considerations to their customers.

As Tek-Mor continues to keep its clients and employees best interest in mind, they pay tribute and thank their customers and staff who have contributed to their growth and success over the years.


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