Areas of Expertise


Our Engineers, in conjuction with the Tek-Mor management team, review detailed specifications and apply the most time effective and cost efficient methods of production. Utilizing contemporary drafting technology, part developments are laid out to the format and forwarded via computer to the production department.

Project Management: Total co-ordination with customers and all suppliers is provided during design, fabrication, installation and start-up of project by experienced project managers.

Custom Fabrication

We provide fabrication services from customer approved drawings for projects from varied descriptions within the automotive and sheet metal finishing industries.

Our manufacturing facility, with total in house fabrication control, provides superior quality on time.

In addition, we are able to substantially increase our total capacity as required and minimize field activity through shop assembled modules

Installation To Meet Customer Needs

Our team of project managers and field supervisors ensure completion of projects on scheduale to meet the customer's criteria. We take pride in our ability to consign projects on schedule installed at down-time. Depending on the nature of the project, installation by our experienced crews can be facilitated with either crane or helicopter assistance.


Design Turnkey Systems
Paint Finishing Systems
Environmental Systems
Ventilation Systems
Engineered Stacks/Breechings


Treatment Plants
Automotive Plants
Food Industry

Product Information

Tek-Mor Brochure
Tek-Mor Brochure
Tek-Mor Brochure

Tek-Mor Inc. Brochure
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Stacks and Breeching Fabrication
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5 ft. - 6 ft. Coil Line
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